About Us

Based on quality, service and design, The Lighting Centre consistently ranks number one in Calgary. For Gloria Gordon and her family, who run the store, having the best selection and the highest quality service is always a top priority. Over the years, The Lighting Centre has staff with over 20 years experience, translating into great customer service and experienced management. This business dynamic is palpable in the energy of the store. Walking in to The Lighting Centre’s showroom on any given day there are always knowledgeable and experienced staff on hand, but the feeling of an invested, warm, family business remains. The staff is warm, energetic and creates a genuine sense in the store that they enjoy what they do and care about doing a good job. This dedication has helped The Lighting Centre earn the trust of many lighting and showroom designers.

President: M Bornyk

Being situated in a 15,000 square foot facility and a 30,000 square foot warehouse, has given The Lighting Centre an edge over its competitors on a number of fronts. First, it allows the store to show more product in its comprehensive showroom – which is one of the most diverse lighting showrooms in Western Canada. Second, it allows the store to carry a tremendous amount of new exciting lighting products and inventory.

And if the product a customer needs is not in The Lighting Centre’s extensive warehouse, it may only be a few days’ wait away. With a 15,000 square foot store and over 30,000 square foot warehouse to carry stock, The Lighting Centre can purchase product by the container rather than in small quantities, and thus receive great prices on certain items. This buying power has enabled The Lighting Centre to negotiate deals with its suppliers, which can then be passed on to its customers.

Whether you are a general customer, homebuilder, contractor, designer, or electrician, The Lighting Centre has the technical knowledge, product, organizational capacity and strong commitment to exceptional customer service that is necessary to serve your needs – no matter what your budget level. Both the purchaser and the sales staff keep this philosophy in mind when a few members of The Lighting Centre team make an annual trip to the Dallas Lighting Market and Worl Lighting Market Show. It is here that they are able to keep abreast of new products, new trends, and seek out specialty pricing. So whether it’s a traditional, transitional, contemporary, provincial, mission, or hi-tech look you seek, options abound.

As the tastes and preferences of the Alberta population continue to evolve, it is essential for The Lighting Centre’s staff to remain educated on existing types of lighting as well as new developments in the industry. This is the only way the staff can provide the best service for their customers. For this reason some members of the sales team have become certified Lighting Specialists by the American Lighting Association, an association that teaches the expert techniques of how to properly and efficiently light a home.

The Lighting Centre’s commitment to exceptional customer service extends beyond the sales staff. Having service people on hand to answer questions, follow up with products or installation, or make repairs on older fixtures, means customers are not left on their own—even when they leave the store.

In addition, everything that isn’t nailed down in the store is for sale. Furniture, artwork, vases, rugs and other decorations constitute just a few of the things you might be surprised to find on the showroom floor. Having art pieces and decorations mutually accenting each other creates the vision of a complete package for consumers and design professionals.

Thanks to the excellent staff and the loyalty of their customer base, The Lighting Centre has grown into a flourishing local business and has, as a result, been able to give thousands of dollars to various charities close to their hearts.